On 22 November 2022, Dotwords will be taking part in the 4weeks 4inclusion event organised by TIM, a four-week digital marathon of online meetings at which more than 200 names from Italian business describe their experiences in Diversity & Inclusion.

The event is an opportunity to share views and draw mutual inspiration to generate a virtuous circle of corporate practices and attitudes that can benefit society.

The contribution we have developed together with our partners is based on the theme of  Kintsugi, a Japanese term meaning “to repair with gold”, linking our position as a Language Service Provider committed to overcoming linguistic and accessibility barriers to communication with the poetic vision of author Selene Calloni Williams, whose Academy trains imaginal lifecoaches, and youngsters from the Handicap..su la testa! association, whose spontaneity and creativity transforms disability into an experience of normality.

Keeping different pieces together with the gold dust of inclusion is a clearly mapped path for us and we are proud to be able to talk about it by taking part in the marathon for an hour.

We’ll be sending you further details and you will find information on access to the event on our social channels. For now, save the date in your diary: 22 November at 12 noon, we’ll be delighted to see you.