Dotwords has completed its natural evolution towards obtaining recognition as a Benefit company.

In addition to distributing their profits, benefit companies pursue specific goals for the common good chosen together with their employees, in line with their areas of specialisation.

The Manifesto of Dotwords Benefit Company:
  • develop one or more digital access platforms;
  • launch and support campaigns to raise awareness about social inclusion;
  • extend our role as an active citizen by promoting projects and fostering collaboration with non-profit organisations, benefit companies and B-corps to enhance the positive impact of their activities;
  • facilitate the entry into the workplace of young people interested in translation, by developing solutions and procedures in association with third parties;
  • maintain a positive workplace environment that encourages individual empowerment and well-being, by stimulating and rewarding creative thinking, supporting practices that improve integration between work and home, guaranteeing continuous training and exchanges of knowledge and skills, sharing objectives and results;
  • maximise process digitalisation, for our own business and for administrative procedures;
  • strive to become our suppliers’ best client by building relationships based on transparency and shared objectives and pooling values, ideas and skills;
  • reduce our environmental impact and avoid wasting resources;
  • make annual disclosures, compatibly with third-party standards, of our results, progress and future commitments towards achieving a sustainable economic, social and environmental impact.

Finally, Dotwords is a keen supporter of the Handicap…su la testa! non-profit association, where some of our co-workers offer assistance on a voluntary basis.