PM Coordinator

Born in Milan in a family with “proud” roots in the Molise region, Luca holds a degree in Architecture from Milan Politecnico. He has studied and worked in a variety of fields, from architecture to event lighting and audio installations, while simultaneously cultivating an interest in programming: “I like finding out how things work, in any area. Deep down, I’ve always considered myself a designer.”

It was this passion that led Luca to Dotwords, where, as head of R&D, he immediately began work on the development of the Dotwords Translation Management System (DTMS); he also coordinates external specialist resources. “I’m very interested in technology and I’m a bit of a geek. I enjoy the magical world of programming, partly because I hate the idea of doing repetitive things a computer could do on its own.”

For 15 years, Luca was active in the “Handicap…su la testa!” association, as a volunteer, member and board director, and lived in a micro-community for three years, sharing a flat with disabled occupants.

For many years he studied music at the Civic School of Music in Milan (clarinet and theory), and played and sang in a band (“Clown About Tape”), which released an album. He is also passionate about cycling and cooking, with a preference for “peasant” dishes like casseula, tripe and pan cotto. If all that were not enough, Luca recently discovered a love of theatre, and is not only a regular theatre-goer but also attends courses and seminars.