The client

TORNOS, a leading player on the international machine tools market, headquartered in Switzerland.

The challenge

To export technical manuals generated by the client’s authoring platform in .XML DITA format, and adapt them to Dotwords technology; to translate the content into Italian, German, English, French, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish; to re-publish the files in .pdf format on the client platform.

Services provided

Creation of a complete personalized work flow: export and preparation of files, content management, translation into different languages, proofreading, quality control and publication of the translated documents as .pdf files on the client’s custom platform.

The project

The client uses an advanced authoring platform to create and manage text content. The new system is based on the creation of standard forms (with linguistic and other variants) in .XML DITA, through which the manuals of the individual products are then automatically generated.
The client provided the Dotwords team with direct access to the platform to export the content for translation. Once the files had been extrapolated from the system, they were converted into a format that the Dotwords translation technology could read. The files were translated into the different languages for the end user markets. After the texts had been translated and proofread, the final manuals, generated in .pdf, were re-published on the client platform, for access by users.
During execution of the project, the client was also offered a consultancy service on improvements to the platform. Specifically, the use of a graphical layout suitable for all the languages was suggested. The improvement was accepted and introduced into the process, enabling the client to obtain significant reductionsin manual localization costs.

Facts and figures

  • more than 500 complete manuals delivered
  • over 20 million words translated during two years of work
  • a volume of more than 10,5 million no-match wordsagreed with the client