September 9th, 2019 – Between them, Silvia Termine and Davide La Rosa, the two young talents who recently joined the Dotwords team, don’t even have a joint age of fifty.
Silvia has a bachelor’s degree from the Altiero Spinelli Interpreters and Translators School in Milan and a master in Global Marketing, Communication & Made in Italy from the Italy-USA Comunicare l’impresa e la Fondazione centre. She has joined our staff as a junior project manager.
With a degree in Philosophy from the University of Milan, Davide cut his professional teeth at the head office of Leonardo Assicurazioni in Milan, where he worked on business development in the SMB sector. Capitalising on this experience and his interest in international affairs, Davide has come to Dotwords to develop the “Sales” sector.
Youth isn’t the only characteristic Silvia and Davide share. Both of them are passionate about sport: Silvia plays on a volleyball team and Davide coaches a team of young soccer hopefuls. Speed is the name of the game!