Adotta Una Buona Pratica is an initiative created to disseminate and enhance the good practices conceived and implemented by non-profit associations in 2020 and 2021, years marked by pandemics, lockdowns, distancing, social and economic crisis.

The Adotta una Buona Pratica initiative (Adopt a good practice) was promoted by Social Value Italia, together with Fondazione KPMG, Amapola and the media support of RCS, to publicise a group of projects developed by non-profit organisations in response to the pandemic through a “twinning” scheme involving five organisations and five companies, which examined the projects in 10-minute videos on Youtube and the Adotta una Buona Pratica website.

Non-profit organisations have found themselves facing great difficulties in the last few years, but they have reacted by setting up new projects and new solutions, with incredible results. Under the adoption initiative, a for-profit organisation supports the production of a video-story about its non-profit twin.

Here at Dotwords we have adopted Handicap…su la testa!, an association we have known and supported for many years. A small organisation with a big heart, Handicap…su la testa! takes a fresh and – as they themselves say – “irreverent” approach to the social integration of people with cognitive disabilities, establishing true friendships and ties that eliminate the demarcation between the roles of assistant and assisted. 

 The result is a fascinating video we are delighted to share with you!