Designed and implemented by our software experts, the Dotwords Translation Management System is an “integrated system,” incorporating cutting-edge computer-aided translation tools, integrated workflow management systems, and quality control and customer care systems.

Specifically, Dotwords employs the SDL Trados Studio, Global Client and Multiterm solutions, the Plunet Corporate Edition and QualityManager solutions, and the Dotsub Enterprise Platform solution.

From management of a global multilingual site to production of manuals for users round the world, from production of marketing documentation for international audiences to software localization, our Translation Management System guarantees top-quality processes and rapid delivery at highly competitive prices.




Save by sharing

The goal of the Dotwords Translation Management System is to cut companies’ project management costs. We interact with the client at each stage of the project: together, we analyze objectives and budgets, plan and monitor workflows, and share the results of copywriting, translation, and page layouts to guarantee additional cost savings on subsequent activities.

CAT technology to cut costs

Computer-aided translation technology enables our translators to create translation memories from previously translated texts and organize them into terminology databases with various access levels, which Dotwords always makes available to the client. The program recognizes the “text segments” in the database and presents the stored translation to the translator working on a new document. The translator can then accept, reject or amend the suggested translation. Text to be translated ex-novo is flagged by the program for immediate identification. As segments of new text are processed, the translation is fed into the database for on-going optimization. CAT technology delivers dramatic reductions in translation time and cost, especially on large volumes, technical documents or texts that require periodic updating.

Processing in the original format to cut costs

The Dotwords Translation Management System incorporates a series of software applications such as InDesign, QuarkXPress, PowerPoint, to enable translators to overwrite text directly in the original format, such as InDesign, Autocad, etc. This offers significant advantages: the time and cost of reviewing page layouts in the target languages are eliminated, and the client is no longer faced with the complexities of a four-phase management process (translator, graphics designer, proof reader, graphics designer). Dotwords provides efficient management of the main programming languages to facilitate complex localization projects such as globalization of websites and multimedia products or localization of software products.



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