Among its special activities as a benefit company, this year Dotwords decided to support the dance workshop of the “Ri-Estate con noi!!” summer club  organised by Handicap…su la testa! at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.

The dance workshop was organised with Serena Fantini, a highly experienced operator who has been working with Handicap… su la testa! for more than a year. The importance of dance lies in its ability to give the youngsters an opportunity to express themselves with their body, which they often see as cumbersome, an object of ridicule, an impediment to movement and coordination.

During their hours at the workshop, the kids reclaim their physicality. Their body becomes a tool for communication and sociability. They feel free to make contact with themselves, their surroundings and their companions. They overcome their physical discomfort and experience a sense of freedom. 

The immediate result of this type of work is a sense of relaxation, a release of tension and an atmosphere of peacefulness and empathy.

Over the long term, it increases self-esteem, motor coordination and expressive capacity, given that many of the youngsters have a limited and fragmented verbal capacity and, through dance, are able to show their emotions more easily.

With our Dotwords colleagues, we spent two happy afternoons with the kids and volunteers at Handicap…su la testa!, taking part in the dance workshop and other activities such as gardening and free play. It was an enriching experience where we felt part of an important project whose progress has been helped by a concrete contribution from our company.

It’s good to feel part of a broader virtuous community!