With captioning services, all the spoken elements of online videos can be instantly intercepted and indexed by search engines.

The visibility of video material rises exponentially, reaching a far larger audience. If the captions are then translated into target languages with the patented Dotsub system, truly unprecedented levels of visibility and penetration can be achieved.

As the partner of Dotsub technology for Europe, Dotwords is equipped to caption and translate videos in 520 languages.

An explosion in online video content

  • Today: more than 500 hours of new video uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • Today: more than 80% of internet traffic is video
  • • 2022: on mobile devices too, 80% of traffic will be video (Cisco estimate)
  • A huge success! Video channels emotions
  • But “spoken” video content can’t be indexed

Here’s an interesting statistic:

In the USA, Dotsub estimates show that the level of engagement of Hispanic viewers doubles when English videos have Spanish captions.

The benefits of captioning

SEO for video too

Think about it. Videos only “speak” when you listen to them. But when you caption them, all those words can be indexed by search engines and located by everyone.

Effective communication

Same-language captions boost a video’s addressable audience by 20-30 percent.

Overcoming barriers

Same-language captions ensure a video will be understood in non-audio contexts (for example by smartphone users without an earpiece), and by special audiences such as the hearing-impaired.

Greater interaction

Videos with captions translated into target languages generate greater interaction and response.

Longer viewing time

Viewers spend 35 percent more time watching captioned videos than uncaptioned material.

Enhanced video lifetime

Videos with translated captions have a far greater lifetime value on the net.