The client

CONTINUUS PROPERZI, a company specialized in the production of continuous casting and rolling equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The challenge

To adapt native client files in .DWG format into legible content for Dotwords technology: to translate more than Italian technical drawings created by the company for a new steel and aluminum system into two languages (English and Polish), to convert the translated files into .pdf format.

Services provided

Creation of an ad hoc workflow to adapt the .DWG files; adaptation of the native file layout for abilingual format; consultancy for high-complexity, high-volume translations; editing on the original files; proofreading.

The project

The Dotwords team handled the preparation of the native .DWG files, adapting the original layout and configuring the space for the Polish texts provided by the client for the dual-language version.
Subsequently – thanks to a software intervention by Dotwords specialists to extract the content for translation compatibly with the configured settings – an “exchange” file that could be read by Dotwords technology was created, for the final translation.
After checks to ensure that the translations fully matchedthe original, the technical projects were finalized on .DWG and PDF master files.
The original plug-in created by Dotwords, which enabled the content to be extracted for translation was used to export and re-insert the texts without altering the graphics.
This optimized the workflowand enabled a content database to be created and shared that will be extremely useful to the client in the future.

Facts and figures

  • more than 700 drawings translated into 2 languages
  • an overall total of more than 390.000 words
  • – a volume of more than 187.800 no-match words agreed with the client